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VIS-8007 – 2 Channels RF Receiver 315MHz


ATTENTION: Before purchasing, it is recommended that the customer checks with their local fire authority to see if there is any additional product they may need in order to comply with the local fire codes. We are not responsible for the improper installation of our product(s) or any type of fees that can be incurred by not complying with your local fire authority.


The model VIS-8007 is a 2- Channel 315 RF receiver supplied with antenna. This receiver is designed for use with the VISIONIS VIS-8008 2 channel remote. The receiver operates for opening doors, garage doors, and gates. Very easy and convenient as well for home/store anti-theft security systems. The receiver programs each specific code; no unauthorized person can gain access to the system by reprogramming or duplicating the Transmitter (remote). This transmitter (remote) can be programmed locally into the memory of the receiver.


Model No. VIS-8007:

  • Operating Frequency: 315mhz
  • Number of Codes: 1,048,576
  • Operating Voltage: DC12V
  • Operating Distance: Up to 160ft (50m) – The maximum range needs to be used in an open area. The distance will start to diminish based on some type of interference such as metal, concrete and others.
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C-70°C or 32°F - 158°F
  • Current Draw: 19mA
  • Compatible Transmitter: VIS-8008
  • RF channels: Two
  • No. of Remotes that are able to connect to one Receiver: Up to 50
  • Case Construction: ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions: 62*43.5*30mm (2.44* 1.71*1.18 Inches)
  • Weight: 43g or 1.52 Ounces