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VS-AXESS-4DLX (Version 2.0) – Four Door + Network Access Control Panel + Controller Board With Cabinet + TCP IP + Wiegand + Desktop Software + 20,000 Users 70,000 Records + Fire Alarm Extension Board


ATTENTION: Before purchasing, it is recommended that the customer checks with their local fire authority to see if there is any additional product they may need in order to comply with the local fire codes. We are not responsible for the improper installation of our product(s) or any type of fees that can be incurred by not complying with your local fire authority.


This PRODUCT has a 3 YEAR warranty with full access to tech support in the USA!

  • Arm 7 processor, RTOS system, new PCB circuit design
  • Advanced access control function, including multi-card, first card, interlock and anti-passback etc.
  • Multiple authentication mode, it supports card, password, card + code and fingerprint.
  • TCP/IP communication mode, there is 5 SOCKET port.
  • Optical coupling isolation protection, more stable
  • Record capacity can be extended, it can be 130,000pcs
  • Alarm linkage and relay self-defined.
  • Bus bar for easy connection.
  • Available space for a 7AH battery back up.
  • Breaker switch.
  • Fire alarm extension board.
Hardware Design
  • New design and new integration, it supports TCP/IP communication mode and have 5 SOCKET port.
  • Large Capacity FLASH
  • Multiple output and input Protection
  • High/low temperature resistant design -20°C to +65°C (-4°F~+149°F)
Systemic Linkage Function

Abundant ports are reserved for future usage and add to multiple events linkage, it supports illegal card alarm linkage, alarm linkage to open door etc.

Multiple Authentication Management
  • Professional management function, manager can manage person access more efficiently and safe.
  • Cancel normal open by card
  • Multiple authentications
  • Card failure and activate time.
  • Access time segment setup
Economic Access C Management

This product can ensure the cost of project is low, but device access control function is perfect.

  • First Card
  • Multi-card Open
  • Anti-passback
  • Remote Control
  • Multi-door interlock
  • Threaten Code
  • Normal Open Automatically
Powerful Software

When access controller work with TITAN VSAxess software, it can achieve more complex security function. Such as, access data search, employee shift, attendance statistics.

  • Access Control and video device linkage
  • Attendance
  • On-line access control
  • Real-time Remote monitoring


  • IMPORTANT: These access control panels (Version 2.0) are only compatible with access control panels (Version 2.0) and with the Titan VSAxess software. They are not compatible with access control panels (Version 1.0) nor with VSAxess software.
  • Metal box is included.
  • 12V 8.5 Amp Power supply included.
  • Power cord included.
  • Battery backup is not included. For this device you can purchase a UPS device for battery backup, this is the same device that you usually purchase to give battery backup to your desktop computer. At the moment we do not sell such device.
  • No cable included for install.
  • Software CD is 100% included in this product.
  • The software is not compatible with MAC computers, only with Microsoft.


Model No. VS-AXESS-4DLX-version2:

  • Access Mode: It supports card, card+ password, card or password, password
  • Event Type: Legal card, illegal card, anti-passback, exit button, password, threaten code
  • Alarm Event Type: Door-magnet alarm, self-defined alarm, threaten code alarm
  • Linkage Function: All event and alarm can linkage any or multiple relay output
  • Access Group: 200 group
  • Holiday Schedule: 300
  • User Capacity: 20,000
  • User Record Capacity: 70,000
  • Reader Port: 4
  • Exit Button Port: 4
  • Door-magnet Port: 4
  • Lock Output: 4
  • Door-magnet Alarm Output: 1
  • Self-defined Alarm Output: 1
  • Self-defined Alarm Input: 4
  • Communication Port: 10/100MTCP/IP, 1 extension RS485 communication port
  • Input Protection: Opto-isolator protection
  • Output Protection: Varistor Protection
  • Extension Function: It supports LED displayer, alarm host and so on
  • Video Recording and Snapshot: All Event and alarm can linkage any video to record or snapshot by software
  • First Card: Any cards can be first card
  • Multiple Cards: To open a door by multiple cards, manager can set 4 cards to open a door at most
  • Remote Control: Any doors can be opened by center authentication
  • Forced Control: User can open/close door forcibly
  • Threaten Code: 6 digits password, it is used in some special situation
  • Open by Password: Each of user have a group password
  • Timed Normal Open: User can setup three time-segment to let door open timed
  • Door Bolt Mode: It can open door by card during some special time
  • Timed Invalidation for Exit Button: Exit button invalidation can be set for three time-segments
  • Anti-passback: Two readers or all readers can be set in a group
  • Temporary Card Quantity: All users can be set as temporary cards
  • Self-defined Input/Output: User can self-define input/output function to relative relay
  • Activate/dismiss security:
    By manually: Any user card can be appointed to activate/dismiss security function
    By software: Activate/dismiss security function can be realized by software
  • Communication Security: Password encryption during data transmission
  • Transmission Mode: It supports TCP, UDP, RTP and multicast mode
  • Data Storage Mode: Cycled storage