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Visionis VIS-440B-SLIM – 100V Slim Electric Automatic Door Opener + Closer For 440lbs Out Swing Doors + Built-In Receiver + 2 Wireless Remotes


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ATTENTION: Before purchasing, it is recommended that the customer checks with their local fire authority to see if there is any additional product they may need in order to comply with the local fire codes. We are not responsible for the improper installation of our product(s) or any type of fees that can be incurred by not complying with your local fire authority.


The VIS-440B-SLIM is an automatic door opener and closer designed for doors that swing-out. With its built-in wireless receiver and specially designed inswinging bracket, it is easy to program additional remotes, to add to the two remotes already included, and a seamless swing of the door when it opens and closes. Designed with an adjustable 0-20 second hold-open time, you are able to customize the system to your preferred time. Since this unit is IP21, it is for indoor use only and operates through a 100V.


  • 55W high-speed DC brushless motor, long service life, low noise.
  • In main and slave mode. The sequence will not change because of encounter an obstacle.
  • Double gearbox design, high-speed ratio, high strength, can work with doors up to 440lbs.
  • Push and go function.
  • The magnetic lock can be connected directly to the controller without the need for an additional power supply.
  • The controller has added the anti-interference function of the sensor, and the sensor can be directly connected inside and outside the operator.
  • Application: Suitable for wooden doors, metal doors, and framed doors. A frameless door needs to be installed with a glass clamp.

This product includes:

  • SILVER Color Electric Automatic Door Opener
  • 100V USA plug automatic door opener
  • 2 Wireless remotes
  • Built-in receiver
  • Screw and screw anchors
  • 25mm and 50mm extensions
  • Power cord
  • Allen wrench M5x50x120
  • 2 stickers
  • Black and white manual
  • Outswing bracket push arm
For In-Swing Doors look at the Door Opener model VIS-440A-SLIM


  • The remotes that come in this kit are 100% Wireless and not hardwire, VIS-8016.
  • We are not responsible for the improper installation of this device.
  • You can add up to 15 wireless devices per automatic door opener.
  • This kit is for a door that swings OUT.


Model No. VIS-440B-SLIM:

  • Color: Silver
  • Size (LxWxH): 475*81*98mm (18.70*3.19*3.86 In.)
  • Weight: 12.2lbs
  • Door Weight: Max. 440lbs (200kgs)
  • Door Width: ≤ 1200mm (47.24 inches)
  • Operation Voltage: AC100V-240V
  • Door Opening Angle: Max 110°
  • Active Open Time: 3-7s/90°
  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C~ +55°C (-4°F~ 131°F)
  • Hold-open Time: 0 - 20s (Adjustable)
  • Protection Class: IP21 (Indoor use only)
  • Lock Function: Lock with remote/Automatic lock